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My Welcome Party in Japan and Have you lost yourself in a country where no person speaks your language?

"I knew one thing, I can't go back home from here either, as I am lost in this sea of unknown signs and language. I was walking around helplessly, trying to ask people"

'My Japan Trip'

‘An unforgettable Train Journey in Japan’
and 'My Welcome Party’

Japanese Lantern, Image by Peter Hempel from Pixabay

An unforgettable Train Journey in Japan where no person speaks your language

Note: Unlike New Delhi Metro Stations, there are no ticket counters at the Japan stations where someone would be sitting personally to help you will the ticket buying process. There are only Ticket vending machines that give away a ticket and the exact change, unlike in India where a Toffee or a Candy is considered a legal tender.

I somehow managed to use the Ticket Vending Machine and got on the train going to 'KANAYAMA STATION' from where I had to catch the next train to 'KARIYA'.
Well, KANAYAMA is a big Railway station in Japan, with no signboards in English, no customer support, everyone running around just like Mumbai in India, and in between all this; I couldn't find the train that will take me to 'KARIYA'.

You're first time outside your home country, don't speak the native language, have no confidence, no smartphone in your pocket, no local sim card and no help to rescue you from the position where you are finding yourself in.


I knew one thing, I can't go back home from here either, as I am lost in this sea of unknown signs and language. I was walking around helplessly, trying to ask people.
Note: My brother had already told me before, in Japan the culture is unlike India to ask people for help. They won't stop. They won't even dare to look at you. Giving you an example of this, a well-dressed person slipped from stairs in front of me and no one came to help him. He got up himself and walked as nothing happen to him.

If I needed help to find which train to catch, I had to ask a cop. I was not even aware of the police uniform in Japan, so how to identify one. I was losing hope.

Japanese women in Traditional Dress, Kinomo; Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

I decided to give a try to my luck and will-power. I boarded a train with a fear of getting lost even further.

Advice: Most of the announcements are in the Japanese language inside the trains. So, keep your hearing sense on top.

I was trying to listen to 'KARIYA' word in announcements throughout my train journey. After 20 minutes onto the train. I heard 'KARIYA' somewhere in the announcement, then I heard it again. My nerves settled down, I got relaxed; as I knew, I am not on the wrong train but going to 'My Welcome Party' with some young, happy-faced, over-friendly Japanese.

My Welcome Party

On the evening of 01st August.2013, I was introduced to the world of Japanese Cuisine for the first time. I liked it so much, that wherever I had traveled to after that evening, I did not miss an opportunity to find a chair in a Japanese Restaurant.

Fukuta San, My Japanese friend who arranged for 'My Welcome Party' along with My brother

That day, a couple of Japanese took the challenge to teach me how to use chopsticks. With no word spoken between an Indian and two Japanese and a lot of laughter on the table, they did manage to help me with chopsticks and I ate my first sushi.

Next came, a small fun filled incident; one of the Japanese asked me to taste Wasabi Sauce. Since it was green in color, I thought it to be Mint Sauce as found everywhere in India. Unaware of what comes next and what Wasabi Sauce actually is, casually I took half a spoon full of Wasabi Sause into my mouth.

My first introduction to Sushi, Chopsticks and Wasabi Sause

Within a second my eyes turned watery feeling the intense heat and harshness on my tongue. That sauce was so hot that I could not eat anything for a good 10 minutes and everyone was laughing looking at my face.

Note: Japanese cuisine is entirely different from Indian cuisine. Smell, taste, flavors, spices are completely different. You may find Indian restaurants in big cities in Japan but I advise you all to stick with what and where local Japanese eat. That way, you will get a feel of their culture and connect with the place. Also, you will have so many stories and memories to share with others like I am sharing with this blogpost after many years.

Japanese Streets

For the next 5 days; in the morning I would walk around TSURUMAI, NAGOYA where I'd live. In the afternoon clean house, in the evening, prepare food with my brother and at night wash dishes. Twice a week around midnight, I will go out to keep the trash bags at the garbage area located behind the building.

I was trying to take the load off my brother's shoulder by taking care of day-to-day routines.

Advice: In Japan, garbage segregation is followed very strictly. Do not mix different categories of garbage. If caught, you may be fined.


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