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Nagoya Aquarium || Nagoya Castle || Tsurumai Park || Lunch at a Traditional Japanese House

"During my entire stay at Fukuta San Traditional Japanese Home, spending time with his Non-English speaking family, I again understood HOW POWERFUL THE LANGUAGE OF SMILE IS for this world to stay connected"

Invitation for Lunch to a Traditional Japanese House
Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Nagoya Castle and Tsurumai Park
Lunch with Japanese Family
I want to extend My Gratitude towards Fukuta San Family in this Photograph for hosting me

Fukuta San House, Visiting a traditional Japanese House

"I was given so much respect and care that I fell in love with that Japanese Family by the time day got over"

I was invited along with my brother to Fukuta San House for a lunch with Fukuta San and his beloved family.
Fukuta San worked with my brother and he'd arrange for 'My Welcome Party' on the first day of reaching Japan as you can read in PART 2 of 'My Japan Series'.

Japanese Traditional House

Fukuta San picked us from a Metro Station and drove to his home. His parents lived in a Japanese Village and the drive was an absolute cherry to eyes. Japanese Villages are way more attractive compared to the over-occupied life of cities.
We were welcomed by Fukuta San's lovely mother and given a tour of a traditional Japanese house built entirely with wood. I was just amazed by walking around the house.

Later, we were served local flavourful Japanese food. The family was very kind, they all tried to make me as comfortable as they all can, since I couldn't speak in Japanese.

Lunch at Fukuta San House; Japanese Cuisine

"During my entire stay at Fukuta San Traditional Japanese Home, spending time with his Non-English speaking family, I again understood HOW POWERFUL THE LANGUAGE OF SMILE IS for this world to stay connected"

Fukuta San and my brother worked as human translators and made sure I have a comfortable time.
This blog is one way with which, I again want to extend my gratitude towards Fukuta San and his family for hosting me on 14th August 2013.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium and Dolphin Show

Your visit to this Aquarium will be entertaining, full of excitement, and very lively. It has two buildings and attracts tourists with its excellent dolphin show. You may have seen dolphin shows all around the world but this dolphin show will stand out among the rest. A Dolphin Show for every age group, either you are a kid or taking your child, it will definitely be worthy of your time.

How to reach Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium: From 'Tsurumai station' take CHUO LINE run by Japan Railways to reach 'Kanayama Station'.
From 'Kanayama Station' take the MEIKO LINE and get off at the last station, 'Nagoyako' to reach Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

If given a chance, I will go back to watch this Dolphin Show again.
If you are lucky enough and dolphins like you, then you may ask the aquarium staff to let you touch the dolphins and take a few clicks.

Advice: If you want to watch one of the best dolphins, penguin and whale show, look no further than Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium is home to two killer whales. It also has an Antarctic Museum, an Observatory, and Nagoya Maritime Museum.

Antarctic Museum at the back

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle is located right at the heart of Nagoya city and is a top tourist attraction. From where I'd live, Nagoya Castle was at an hour's walk.

NAGOYA CASTLE, Image by Andiar Yudha Rizki Darmawan from Pixabay

How to reach Nagoya Castle: You can take both MEIJO LINE and TSURUMAI LINE.
If taking MEIJO LINE, get off at 'Shiyakusho Station'
If taking TSURUMAI LINE, get off at 'Sengen-cho Station'

Entrance fee for an Adult is JPY500

I didn't go to Nagoya Castle on a train or bus service, rather walked from my home on a cloudy day enjoying the scenic streets of Nagoya. Most of the castles in Japan are similar but every Castle has its own uniqueness.

Picture Postcard Japan

You will find friendly and helpful staff like every other place in Japan. Local Japanese have mastered the art of hospitality and kindness. If you like exhibits and is a person of art, Nagoya Castle won't disappoint you a bit.

The history attached to the Nagoya Castle will attract you and even one complete day won't be enough to absorb this civil engineering marvel. Place this well preserved Nagoya Castle, high in your list of 'Attractions to see in Nagoya'.

Nagoya Castle has stunning Interiors that got even more breathtaking after it's reconstruction. Also, attached is a picturesque garden all around the main building combining different Japanese landscapes. Go to Nagoya Castle, explore to feel it and your day will be well spent.

Japanese Women in Traditional Dress; KIMONO

Tsurumai Park

When I had not much planned for the day, I'd go to Tsurumai Park to walk and watch locals kids play football, tennis and practice Japanese traditional dance wearing 'kimono'.

Japanese Kids riding a Bicycle on the Streets

Located behind 'Tsurumai Station', the historic park offers a completely different experience with cherry blossom flowers all around, lovely ponds, and an Amphitheater.

Be it day or night, Tsurumai Park is a beautiful place to enjoy an Impromptu leisure walk or picnic in the middle of busy Nagoya City.


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