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Getting Robbed in South Africa || Is South Africa Safe?

Have you ever been robbed of visiting South Africa? Do you feel South Africa is safe for you to travel?

"One of my friends was robbed and punched on his face outside a big shopping centre in Richard's Bay. His nose started to bleed and no one came forward to help him"

South African Police

Disclaimer: I am not hurting the sentiments of any community with this blogpost and completely respect South Africans and wants to promote its Tourism. Also, I am just sharing my safety tips.

I have been to South Africa many times; 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. On my every visit, I discovered something new about the most developed country in Africa. All my visits were for official purposes and to take out time with my type of job is difficult. Still, I would cut down on my sleep and travel around South Africa only because I love to travel and see the world with a smile.

Very First question I want to address; is South Africa safe?

Vicky Antao, Tobeca and me

Well, I have mixed reviews on the safety of tourists in South Africa.

I personally, never had any safety issues travelling in South Africa, since I always have travelled in groups and with a dependable Taxi Driver.

But one of my friends was robbed and punched on face outside a big shopping centre in Richard's Bay. His nose started to bleed and no one came forward to help him. However, he was prior informed by our local agent (appointed by my company) not to step out after sunset. So, I will consider him as ignorant.

Moses Mabhida Stadium; Durban, South Africa

Tips to be followed to feel safe in South Africa and avoid getting robbed...
  • Plan to reach South Africa during Daylight.
  • Take Travel Medical Insurance before you arrive.
  • Search the places you want to visit before you actually land in South Africa.
  • Read reviews before going ahead with your bookings.
  • Read about local tourist scams before your arrival.
  • Try to travel in groups.
  • Avoid dark places.
  • Don't carry too much cash with you.
  • Do not visit informal places even in big cities.
  • Try not to wear expensive accessories.
  • Avoid local transport and local Taxis. Prefer taking Uber.
  • Plan a long journey during the daytime only.
  • Check the credibility of the local travel agent or tour operator if you wish to take their services.
  • Renting a car is easy and possible is South Africa. Try it.
  • Pay for your Accommodation online before the start of your trip.
  • Think twice before trusting anyone.
  • Don't be ignorant.
  • If you are not feeling good about a situation or a person. Get off from there quickly.
  • Be sensible.
  • Take the HOP-ON-HOP-OFF bus. You may find them safe.
  • Spend little extra money on accommodation but stay in a good safe place.
  • Don't be too adventurous. AIDS ratio is also high in South Africa.
  • Avoid LIDO Bars or GO-GO Bars.
  • Beware of your surroundings at night.
  • Try and get an injection of Yellow Fever.

Table Mountain; Cape Town, South Africa 

Note: If by any chance, you end up in an unpleasant situation please remember you have a family to protect or someone is waiting for you at home; don't try and resist. It's better to be safe than sorry.

The above points are not only limited to South Africa but wherever you visit in the world.

Note: When I stepped out of my home for the first time and travelled to another city, I was also scammed in my own Home country. So, it is a learning curve.

Another Big Question. Should you visit South Africa on holiday?

South African Tribal Girl

Well!! I have travelled to South Africa for four years straight and have made local friends. Stick to the above advice and you definitely will have beautiful memories to share like me for a long time to come.

Don't let any negative article or information stop you from visiting the 'African Switzerland'. You must see the diversity South Africa has to offer by means of high-end buildings, casinos, water parks, safaris, mountains, clubs, cuisine, and many more.

Durban Beach Front also is known as Golden Mile Beach

It is important to always keep learning from our mistakes and also learn from other's mistakes.
I hope you find my Travel safety tips useful and informative.

Walk, fall, get up, walk and run. This is how life is supposed to progress.


If you got any other thoughts on this topic or have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below. I will be more than happy to know your views and subscribe to my blog, as I would love to listen to your travel and food stories. This way I will also become a better traveller.

I hope after reading this article you will find yourself safe in South Africa and would never be robbed.



  1. I have really been to South Africa, however, I have friends that speak highly of the country and can't just help but wish to visit there soon, because I currently have a lot of places to visit now. The thrill of discovering and learning new things is just like a fire I can't quench. So far I have been to several countries like Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, UK, and seeing your blog I love it. I feel there is a thing or two I could learn merely reading through your blog posts. They are just so amazing and I don't think I have seen any writing like this before, so accurate and informative. I would also love to contribute to your blog my experiences and travel (that is, if you let me).


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