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Bullet Train ride to reach Kyoto to see Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera

Read here about my Bullet (Shinkansen) Train ride to reach the city of Temples; Kyoto visiting Kinkaku Ji and Kiyomizu Dera

Visiting Japan's largest Amusement Park and a Shrine for the first time...

Utsumi Beach, Bullet Train (Shinkansen) experience
Kinkaku Ji and Kiyomizu Dera in Kyoto
Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Chureito Pagoda and Mount Fuji in the background

Utsumi Beach

A shallow White Sand Beach located 55 km south of Nagoya. Utsumi Beach is a crowd magnet during the summer weekends.
If you like to be around people, enjoying a sunny afternoon, showing off by holding a book in one hand and a pina colada in another, look no further than Utsumi Beach. You can swim and surf on Utsumi Beach safely. You may find some sand arts also.

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
During August 2013 when I was introduced to the world of Japanese Cuisine
Image by Kevin Petit from Pixabay

Utsumi Beach is cleaned every morning by the locals and it's our duty not to soil the white sand.

Note and Advice: I request everyone reading this blog post not to litter, spoil, or throw garbage anywhere. Be it your home, office, a restaurant, or a far off beach; try to keep things neat and uncluttered.
Utsumi Beach is one of the cleanest beaches I have ever been to and people well organized. The crowd starts to get thin around 5PM but you may extend your stay to watch the lovely sunset from the horizon.

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Punjabi's never miss a chance to drink anywhere in the world

KYOTO, A Journey that will live with you

For sure, I had the best day of my trip during the last week in Japan.

How to reach Kyoto: From 'Tsurumai Station' take a train going to 'Nagoya'.
Cost per Ticket is JPY 5710

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Shinkansen Train, Bullet Train; Image by Armin Forster from Pixabay

Bullet Train (Shinkansen) experience, Shrines, Buddist Temples, History, Art, Cultures; all combined in one city named KYOTO.
Advice: If you intend to travel during the weekend and have a fixed schedule; reserve your Bullet Train Ticket before the travel day. If your ticket is reserved, you will get a seat for sure, or else you may have to travel standing.

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Kyoto Street; Image by Hong daewoong from Pixabay

Bullet Train runs at an average speed of 300kms/hr, and you will feel as if you are flying. During my Bullet Train Journey, I met with the most polite 'Ticket Checker' even. From Nagoya, it will take approx 35 minutes to reach Kyoto which is around 150 km.

Note: In Japan, it is regarded as ill-mannered if you talk loudly with others or talk on mobile phones inside the trains. Japanese get off from trains to receive an urgent call and take the next train. You will find charging sockets, WiFi and Toilet inside Japanese trains.

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Japan Temple, Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

If you wish to go back the same day from Kyoto, my advice will be to limit your sightseeing to 'Kinkaku Ji' and 'Kiyomizu Dera'.

Kinkaku Ji, The Temple of Golden Pavilion

Kinkaku Ji is very well connected from Kyoto Station by bus service.

The main building is covered with Gold Leaf but forbidden for tourist entry. The entire area is gorgeous and a photographer's heaven. Kinkaku Ji has a different, calm, and peaceful atmosphere.

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Kinkaku Ji, The Temple of Golden Pavilion Kyoto
Image by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay

Behold your breadth overlooking Kinkaku Ji Temple from the pond or garden.

From Kinkaku Ji take the frequent bus service going to Kiyomizu Dera directly or stopover in between for lunch to eat some tempting Japanese food.

Kiyomizu Dera

Kiyomizu Dera is a must-see World Heritage Site at 45 minutes' walk from the Kyoto Station. You can walk or take a bus. If you decide to walk, you will soak in the history of Kyoto by looking around the narrow vintage streets.

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Kiyomizu Dera, Kyoto; Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

You will have to climb a few stairs and trek to reach Kiyomizu Dera with souvenir shops and food stalls on either side of the streets. On reaching the top, find yourself around uncountable temples and shrines. Also, you will have a panoramic view of Kyoto city.

Even with the crowd, there is ample open space. I suggest a visit, during the late evening and stay until sunsets.

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Nagoya at night

After the sun is down, the beauty of Kiyomizu Dera is unmatched with all the illumination and wooden structure.

The only time we brothers took a flight together

One day before my flight back to India, my brother started packing his luggage alongside mine. I was unaware until then, he had booked the same flight with me to meet family and had taken a week off. It came as a welcome surprise for me.

Bullet Train ride to reach, Kyoto; Kinkaku Ji & Kiyomizu Dera
Control Panel next to your WC in Japan

When I was walking towards the train station with my backpack on my shoulders, looking around the Japanese streets where I'd walk every day, I felt sad.

I wanted to stay in Japan longer. The last 30 days flew by fast and I wanted to reverse the clock.
Japan had so much more to offer that can't be explored in 30 days.

But I had to take the train going to 'Nagoya Airport', from where we flew to our home country. It was the only time we brothers took a flight together.


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