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Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation

On completing one month of blogging, I am sharing the experience of 'My Initial days of blogging' and things to keep in mind for a new blogger.

I started blogging with the post, 'An Attempt' and during the journey of one month, I have published 16 blog posts.

Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation
Blogging is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

When I was a kid, one of my teachers would always say, "We all should write a daily diary, it is a way to introspect oneself. You will know what mistakes you did throughout the day, and should not be repeated tomorrow. Writing a diary will help to improve you in the long run."

I started blogging with the same objective of maintaining a collection of the memories of my travel stories. Also, I wanted to learn something new after spending 55 days in lockdown.

One Month Back...

On the eve of 18th May 2020, I was just going through different OTT platforms to find something interesting to watch when a question crossed my mind, "What I did in the past 55 days?". My inner self answered, "You had watched Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and every OTT platform. You did nothing except for wasting your time strolling on Facebook and Instagram. It is still time that you move your heavy bum off this bed and start doing something productive during the remaining days of lockdown".

That's when the thought of starting an online diary struck me.

Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation
The photograph I clicked on 19th May 2020. The day I published my first post

The same night I watched videos on...
"How to start a blog for free"

The following day, I made an account on "" unaware that in 4 days, I will get so driven with this idea that I will buy a domain name of my own.

Note: My boss used to call me Maverick because of my free-spirited attitude. So, I named it

I never knew at the time of starting "" that, I had so many stories, thoughts, experience and tips to write and share from my own life.

Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation

The Small Journey...

Probably, I wrote for the first time at the age of 13 or 14 for a school competition in the year 2001 on the topic, "Feel Good Factor under Atal Bihari Vajpayee Governance".

The second time I experimented with writing was in the year 2011 for the magazine of my college during the Post Graduation.

And I perceived a serious passion for writing on 19th May 2020 (one month back) as it gave me a platform to express my views.

Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation

My Motivation to write...

I have travelled extensively throughout the globe and wherever I travel, I would research the internet to plan my trips to precision.

I had read hell lots of travel articles, magazines, books, blogs and watched YouTube Travel channels for many years.

Last year, I read "EARLY SUNRISE, EARLY SUNSET", a book by Miss. Priyanka Rastogi. The book has many inspiring travel stories from the North-East Indian States. After reading and feeling that book, the idea came across my mind to write my travel experiences. Henceforth, I took out my pen and notepad to put down 'My European Trip' that I took in 2019, to be published soon.

Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation

Note: With this blog post, I would like to extend my gratitude towards Miss. Priyanka Rastogi for being an inspiration to start my own blog.

So, here is what I learnt during the initial days of blogging and things to keep in mind for every new blogger ...
  • On 19th May 2020, I wrote My First Blog.
  • On 23rd May 2020, four days into my blogging; I bought my own domain.
  • Install Grammarly for basic language correction.
  • At the start, for me blogging was a way to write experiences of life, just like a diary. Now I am trying to make it a habit.
  • Write every day and read about blogging to understand the whole process of digital marketing.
  • I took blogging more seriously and professionally, so I bought a laptop, as my computer was getting old and could give away any time soon.
Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation

Note: After learning about SEO, I had to change the permalinks of almost all my blogs, that led to one problem after another.
  • Learn about Keyword Research, how to write a blog, doing SEO and promoting the blog. As I was completely naive in this field, I had to dig in deep into all of them.
  • Do interlinking of your posts.
  • Add photos and videos into your posts like I do.
  • Repair broken links.
Advice: I suggest everyone, before starting, read about blogging and understand it. Prepare well and then start. I made a few mistakes that I am still trying to rectify.
  • Understand what is Sitemap of a blog, how to generate it and link it with your blog.
  • Also, how to submit sitemap of your blog to Google Search Console and have patience.
  • Write..edit..rewrite..edit..publish.
  • Always check Plagiarism of your post.
Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation
  • Now I am also planning to start my own YouTube channel in the forthcoming months.
  • I already have started experimenting with my previous videos and is learning video editing.
During the course of my initial days of blogging; I have understood, blogging is a journey and not the destination. We have to enjoy this journey and evolve along the way.

You will have to learn quite a lot and keep your curious mind open. Keep putting work into your blogs to make them more reader-friendly and informative.

Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation

As my blogging journey progressed, I aim to become a Travel blogger since this is what I love doing the most.

If you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below or contact me. I will be more than happy to know your views and do contribute with your comments to improve me along with my blog.

Note: The whole world is fighting against Corona Virus. We should motivate ourselves & everyone around us to make good use of this time. 

Time once has gone, it won't come back.


  1. Good to see another sailor here on the blogsphere. Glad you have found the motivation to start a blog and keeping at it. Good luck bro.


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