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In this post, I will share my experience along with the video of my Skydiving (Tandem Jump) at Pattaya, Thailand

Have you ever seen a child’s face when you toss him in the air? Have you ever seen that expression of joy and heard that laugh when he flies? He believes in  you that you are there to catch him & he simply enjoys that feeling of being a bird.

This is how I felt at the age of 27 when I threw myself off a plane and felt like a child all over again.

Thai Sky Adventures offers Tandem Skydives from 13000 feet and Skydiving Courses.

My Story of Adrenaline Rush...

I have lived a free-spirited life throughout. I always was an Individualist. Wanted to be different and never liked doing things that our parents had been asking us to do. You can somewhat call me turbulent.

That Turbulent nature of mine brought me to a small district named Laem Chabang in Thailand, very close to Pattaya in the summer of 2016 for Skydiving.

I came to know about Thai Sky Adventures when I was working in Laem Chabang in December 2015. I couldn’t manage to Skydive then because of my busy schedule.

Ongoing back to Thailand on a holiday for a month, my utmost priority was to jump out from that flying plane, 13000 feet above sea level.


Choose your Date and Time on the Internet and get going with your booking.

Note: Thai Sky Adventures provide pick and drop facility from anywhere in Pattaya City, free of charge.

My pick-up Van picked me on time. I met with a few Chinese and Singaporean travellers inside the van.

On entering the office you will see Skydiving Videos being played on a giant screen with people waiting for there dive.

Make payment in cash, sign a self-declaration and get introduced to your Skydiving Instructor.

I got filled with excitement when my Instructor gave standard safety guidelines and I was good to board the plane.

One Tandem Skydiving Cost: THAI BAHT 10350 + 4800 for Photos & Video

At 13000 feet, my Instructor opened the door of the plane and a blast of chilling air gushed onto my face. That’s when the reality struck me and I felt slightly nervous. Before I could react, he pushed me towards the side.

You will see the horizon and the very next moment you will be pushed out of the plane.

I was flying, became a bird, a Superman, a freefall. Feeling Adrenaline filled Excitement. I lived that moment completely. I had done Skydiving.

If you like extreme Adrenaline Adventurous Sports or activities, then Skydiving should be on your bucket list.
I always say we all should never put any fencing on our life. Push yourself and outperform. Turn your Hobbies into Passion.

Whatever it takes, do listen to your heart. Live your life fully and completely. Start right away..!!

After all, ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’


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