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How I changed myself from last ranker to College Topper || Failed in 6 subjects & then Ranked 1

How I changed myself from last ranker to College Topper || Failed in 6 subjects & then Ranked 1
This is what Thomas Edison said after failing to make an electric bulb 10,000 times & the same words I would repeat in my College Final Year

I completed my Engineering in 2010, exactly 10 years ago.
It’s been a decade since I finished college & was declared the College Topper, but I was never that good in studies. I have always been just an average student.
In 2009, by the end of Third Year of Engineering, I had failed in 6 subjects & my average score was 58%. In the first year of Engineering, my score was 50.1%, only 22 marks above the minimum from repeating one full year.

Such a low score in Engineering doesn’t often attract many jobs. Also, I was doing Engineering from not so esteemed college & had accepted the fact that I will have to struggle hell a lot once I complete my 4-years in Engineering.

How I changed myself from last ranker to College Topper || Failed in 6 subjects & then Ranked 1
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I did ask myself, will I get a job at all and even if I manage to get one, I will have to start my career with Rs. 4000-5000 per month & after switching multiple companies in 10 years' time, doing some office politics I may reach Rs. 60000-70000 & most likely struggle throughout my life for a living as I have no knowledge.
So what changed me as an individual & motivated me so much that I became a College Topper in a year & have reached where I am today?

Here goes my life-changing 15 minutes...

How I changed myself from last ranker to College Topper || Failed in 6 subjects & then Ranked 1
 Quote by Carol Burnett

I still remember the afternoon of 03rd August 2009. I was coming back from college after spending my First Day of the final year. I was sitting behind my friend who was riding a bike. The moment our bike reached Greater Noida-Noida Expressway, a Maroon colored Honda Civic started driving along with our bike.
That Honda Civic was being driven by a chauffeur & a well-dressed person was sitting behind, reading a newspaper. Looking at him, I started asking myself.

1--He must be at a high position in some company with a well-paying job.
2-- I want to be like him but I am not good at studies.
3-- I wish, I could also earn well & be good at my job.
4-- Life would be so simple for him.
5-- My life after college will be so difficult since I have not even scored 60% in Engineering.
6-- Will I get a job at all?

That Honda Civic drove parallel to our bike for the entire length of the highway. My eyes got still on that person. I was feeling somewhat sad from inside thinking about my parents also. My parents were spending Rs. 60,000 on my studies yearly & I could not even score 60% to make them happy.

How I changed myself from last ranker to College Topper || Failed in 6 subjects & then Ranked 1
Photo by Ihsan Aditya from Pexels

That’s when I thought, “I still have one year of college left. What if I study hard, work towards building a good future & gain knowledge as much as possible. I can still try to focus on my studies & let’s see how it goes. One year is a lot of time to achieve set goals. I can start today; go home, sit & make a plan. Where I want to see myself in the next 5 years & start working to achieve it. How much will I have to score in the final year? What is my target job? Just keep going from today & gain as much as you can.

How I changed myself from last ranker to College Topper || Failed in 6 subjects & then Ranked 1
Quote by Mark Twain

I got motivated so much during those 15 minutes by just looking at that chauffeur driven car that it completely transformed my life, my thinking & approach towards studies.

I focused myself the same day & started educating myself. In a few months time I realized, “Engineering is nothing but common sense” & I have been wasting time for the last 3 years by not focusing & trying. I started studying for 16 hours a day & would not relax even if my head starts to hurt. I remember taking Disprin tablets twice a day for several weeks just to suppress the headache, caused due to overstudies. Steadily I started loving all my Engineering subjects & decided to go through my previous year's books also once I complete my degree. I started enjoying reading books, a habit I still hold.

When my result came, I scored 79% in the final year & everyone was blown away. I had become the superstar of college & my professors would give my example to inspire others.

How I changed myself from last ranker to College Topper || Failed in 6 subjects & then Ranked 1
I still keep this paper with me on which I did the calculation of my score on 03.August.2009.
My Motivation

I understood the worth of hard work, focus, dedication in that one year. Since then I have never looked back & kept on gaining knowledge.

Writing a blog on My Motivation Story is also a part of learning new things and acquiring additional skills apart from my profession.

I may not be able to say Thank You to that person sitting on the back seat of that car who inspired me to be where I am today. I may not even cross paths with him or recognize him at all but that day of summer 2009, those 15 minutes stayed with me until now inspiring me as if it was yesterday.

If I can do it than anyone else also can. Never Give up


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