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Kopan Monastery and Kathmandu Darbar Square

'My Nepal Trip'

Kopan Monastery and Kathmandu Darbar Square

Click here to Read Preparations to be made before going to Nepal and Pashupatinath Temple

Kopan Monastery || Day 5 || My First Visit to a Monastery

Calm, peaceful, retreating, balmy, serene, and tranquil; this is how I felt during my entire amble inside the Kopan Monastery. As if, time got still and I am meditating looking into the eyes of Buddha.

Kopan Monastery is located just 8 km from Thamel. Reaching the Monastery with local transport is very easy. Buses will drop you 200 meters from small narrow stairs climbing up. On my way, I met with some locals and had a long conversation.

Advice: Always carry two pairs of shoes with you when visiting Nepal. It will be better if you could arrange some high sole shoes like I did with a very good grip. Tracks and roads get very muddy and slippery.

Kopan Monastery

You can have a cup of tea from the cafeteria of Monastery, sit with a few Monks, and listen to their stories. People from all around the world stay inside, learning about Buddism, and Meditate. My first experience of visiting a Monastery was very soothing to the mind.
A beautiful garden is also located adjacent to the main building. Walking inside the garden is very comforting.

Closer to Kopan Monastery, you will see another beautiful building 'Amitabha Gumba' at a walkable distance. From there,  you can also walk to the ‘Pullahari Monastery’.
To my dismal both Amitabha Gumba and Pullahari Monastery were closed for tourists to visit that day and I could not go inside them.

Advice: Kopan Monastery and Pullahari Monastery are open on selected days for a fixed time only. Please confirm before you plan to go.

Singing Bowl

The walkway from Kopan Monastery to Pullahari Monastery was quite adventurous. I walked in between dense trees and only one false step would have thrown me down the hill.

That evening I went to Reggae Bar. A place with loud live music, great cocktails, and excellent food. I danced into the night until the crowd started to get thin.

Kathmandu Durbar Square || Final Day

My last day started with dampness all around. It was raining and continued into the second half. I couldn’t manage to even step out until the late afternoon.

Since it was the final day of my trip, I did not go anywhere far and limited my boundaries till Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Kathmandu Durbar was destroyed very badly during the earthquake of April 2015 and was still under reconstruction with some beautiful new buildings also coming up.
It is one of the major tourist hangouts areas. You will find beautiful architecture wooden buildings and Temples.

One of the many Temples in Thamel, Kathmandu

Now Some Food Talk...

I have a huge liking for Japanese food. In my hometown, I regularly go out to nourish myself with Japanese Cuisine.

Restaurant named ‘Ofukuro No Aji Japanese Home Dishese’ was just one floor downstairs from my Home and I went there to dine on the last evening of my trip.

The staff was super friendly, helpful, and polite. I felt as if I entered a traditional Japanese house.
I ordered the Japanese Pizza and Yakitori.

Ofukuro No Aji Japanese Home Dishese' Restaurant

I very highly recommend this place to eat; the portion size is big, food is completely authentic and mouth-watering.
My whole experience sent me back in time when I was in Japan.
I also went inside their kitchen to compliment the chef.

Last Morning

My flight was in the afternoon. I already had packed most of my things the night before. I called a Taxi for Rs. 400; bid Goodbye to both Mr. Yogendra, my host, and Kathmandu until the next time.

Postcards that I bought as memories from Nepal

While writing this blog I got filled with the same excitement, I had felt 2 years ago. As if I got transported in time and flew to Nepal once again.

Note: Indians don't need any Visa to enter Nepal but they do need a Passport if going on a  flight.

I suggest everyone visit Nepal at least once. It is a place very light on the pocket with super friendly people, showcasing class-leading hospitality. You will feel safe even if you lose track of your steps. Somehow, the streets will bring you to a new pleasing destination.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this blog is entirely based upon my readings, knowledge, and experience that I gained during my trip to Nepal in August 2018. I clicked very few photos during the entire trip, because of which I had to look for photos over the internet of the places I visited.


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