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Kathmandu || Swayambhunath Stupa || Bhaktapur

'My Nepal Trip'

Swayambhunath Stupa and Bhaktapur
Click here to Read Preparations to be made before going to Nepal and Pashupatinath Temple

Swayambhunath Stupa || Day 3

I first went to a travel agent in the morning to enquire about ‘Mt. Everest Viewing Flight’. Cost is around Rs. 7000 or Rs. 8000 per person. I couldn’t take the tour of the highest mountain peak in the world reason being, it was the peak rainy season in Nepal, resulting in the temporary suspension of all the flights.

Next, I started walking towards Swayambhunath Stupa. It was a very delightful walk crossing Bishnumati River. I had not purchased a local SIM Card, so had to keep asking the way to Stupa.

On reaching the entrance, I saw the never-ending plight of stairs. My jaw dropped to the floor when I came to know, these are 365 big stairs.
I begin to climb slowly, mid-way my breath got heavy & I sat at the corner for a while.

Swayambhunath Stupa, Photo by Jake Young from Pexels

Another shocker awaited me on reaching 350th stairs. There is an entrance fee to go inside Stupa & the ticket counter is placed very cleverly on the 350th stair. I laughed for a while in ambush. Nobody will go down without seeing the Stupa after climbing 350 strenuous stairs. Any fees they had asked for, I would have paid. But, I had to shell out only Rs. 600 from my pocket.

After climbing 365 stairs I conquered 'Swayambhunath Stupa'. It was no less than a summit for my not so fit body.
I still don’t know what a Stupa is. Please write in the comment column below, if you know the history, science, or reason behind building a Stupa.
Swayambhunath Stupa is also called ‘Monkey Temple’, but I didn’t find any monkey.

Kathmandu Panaromic View from the top of Swayambhunath Stupa was enrapturing

It started to rain heavily when I was walking around Stupa & had to wait for a while before I could start to descend.
You will find shops selling small souvenirs at the top & there is a separate way to go down behind the Stupa from the parking area, which to my surprise had less than half the stairs.

Day was approaching dawn, I walked back to my room took a shower & decided against going anywhere far to eat dinner or party because I was going to Nagarkot the next morning.

Change of Plan || Skipped Nagarkot & Explored Bhaktapur || Day 4

Nagarkot caught my attention before the start of my trip because it offers the view of Mt. Everest.
You go to Bhaktapur first from Kathmandu & then take another Bus to Nagarkot.
I had heard, Nagarkot is the closest place near to Kathmandu from where you can clearly view Mt. Everest sitting in the lap of Himalayas.

Then why did I not go to Nagarkot that day?

One of the many dishes that I tried in Nepal

I left my room on time as planned; I reached Bus stand, but I could not find the Bus going to Bhaktapur for a good 2 hours. I irked after finding that it’s not a bus that goes to Bhaktapur, but a Mini-Van (called Omni in India & Nepal). I was looking for a bus all this while & made a fool of me. 
I lost time figuring out how to reach Bhaktapur first. On reaching Bhaktapur the real test of ‘My Patience’ started.

I was sitting on bags of fodder inside a bus going to Nagarkot for a good 90 minutes but that bus did not move an inch. By that time, the clock had ticked 3 in the afternoon. My whole purpose of watching the sunset overlooking the Himalayas sipping a cup of Tea somewhere in Nagarkot had gone for a toss.

I decided to get off from that bus & stayed in Bhaktapur.

Advice: If you go to Nagarkot. Plan to stay overnight & watch either sunset or sunrise. On public transport you may find it tough to go-and-come back the same day.

I was walking around Bhaktapur and my eyes started to widen by looking at the wooden houses & structures. They were crafted beautifully & I wanted to explore more & more of Bhaktapur. Next moment, a narrow street started to widen itself & suddenly I was welcomed by ‘Bhaktapur Durbar Square’.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square; Photo by Bimal Ranabhat from Pexels

I was unaware that Bhaktapur also has its own Durbar Square. I was thrilled to see the Temples & artwork. It’s a must-visit place.

Advice: There is an entry ticket to Bhaktapur Durbar Square of Rs. 1100.

I didn’t buy the ticket, since I entered from the residential entrance unknowingly & there was no ticket counter.

I realized once again, during your travels, a sudden change of plan may leave you to a beautiful place or experience.

"It’s after all good to be lost once in a while"


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