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Kathmandu || Mouthwatering Momos || Pashupatinath Temple || Visiting a Temple after 8 years

'My Nepal Trip'

Mouthwatering Momos and Pashupatinath Temple

I booked Indigo flight directly on their website for Rs. 11,000.

Booked my stay on for Rs. 1000 per night.
Morning breakfast included.
I got a great deal for my stay since it was rainy season & doesn’t attract many tourists.

Here I start my journey to Nepal...

My host arranged my pickup from the airport for an additional charge of $7. A guy was waiting just outside the immigration holding my nameplate. The guy was very polite & humble. On my way, I drove past Pashupatinath Temple.

My host Mr. Yogendra welcomed me with a bright smile. He showed my room, helped me with all the formalities & introduced me to other inmates.

Prayer Wheels

I decided to stay in the Thamel area of Kathmandu after a deep search on the internet. I highly recommend you guys experience Thamel, especially at night. It’s colourful, vibrant, full of happy atmosphere with clubs, eateries, bars, shops, local street food, multiple cuisine restaurants. Similar to the Bohemian Style of living. That area offers something for everyone.
Also, Thamel is within walking distance to tourist attractions.

First Day, First Evening & First Impression

I went out to explore the area & found a very small shop selling momos (dumplings). I decided to eat a small portion, just to keep me going. To my utter surprise, those momos tasted like heaven. Being such a small outlet, that guy sold more than 100 momos in front of me. That very moment I understood, it’s going to be a food-driven trip.
In the coming days, I realized Nepalese & I have at least one thing in common, obsession for dumplings.

Nepalese Momos (dumplings) Image Courtesy: Google

Advice: Please keep the address of your Hotel when you step out. Kathmandu is a very densely populated city. Streets may get very confusing at times. Even Google maps may fail to bail you out if your way is lost. I myself lost track of streets on 3-4 occasions.

In Nepal almost everywhere Indian Rupee is considered a legal tender & is accepted. Indians need not exchange it with Nepalese rupees. But, I suggest keeping handy a small amount of Nepalese Rupee always.

100 Indian Rupee = 160 Nepalese Rupee

I walked all around Thamel that evening going into the night.
My first evening & the impression of Nepal was very pleasing.
At night, I went to ‘The Bar Bar Black Sip’. It was full of energy & feel-good vibes. Good food & cocktails.

Note: You will find momos being served everywhere, be it a small local street-side shop or a fancy restaurant. 

Boudha Stupa, Image by Simon Steingerger from Pixabay

Pashupatinath Temple || Day 2

Some past Memories first: My mother had been outside India only once, and that place is Nepal, 46 years ago when she aged 20. When I told my mother about my trip to Kathmandu, she shared her memory of some temple with a Big Golden Cow like figure at the entrance, but couldn’t recall which Temple it was.

It was an hour walk to Pashupatinath Temple from my location & I decided to stroll. I prefer not to book a Taxi on my Holidays. I love to walk around the city, absorbing the place. Since the weather was good, it was really a nice walk.

At the entrance, I saw a Big Golden Cow sitting & immediately understood that my mother was talking about ‘Pashupatinath Temple’ a few days ago.
I got excited & took My first step inside a Temple in 8 years.

Pashupatinath Temple, Image Courtesy: Google

Advice: Always carry an Umbrella with you. Better keep two umbrellas in your luggage.

I personally don’t like going to religious places. This time, I had no choice but to visit Pashupatinath Temple as it’s a major Tourist attraction in Kathmandu.

I saw an infinitely long queue of people waiting all around the main Shiva Darshan Hall & I decided to skip the Darshan & explore the temple.

Build on the bank of Bagmati River, it’s quite a large Temple.
I sat for a while overlooking the beauty of the architecture of this temple from the pavements of river & listened to the holy hymn of Sadhus.

I walked back to my room watching the busy streets of Kathmandu & feeling impressed with that place.

I went to ‘Sam’s Bar’ that night. Another fun-loving place.


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