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My Motivation Story || Weight Loss || 24 kilos || From 99 to 75 kgs || INTERMITTENT FASTING || Nothing is Impossible

"Either you learn from your own mistakes or by the mistakes of other"

My cousin and I ate five Cholle-Bhature each filled with oil, butter, and fat from an in-famous shop in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. With-in an hour, my cousin felt very uncomfortable and uneasy. He started to sweat and breath heavily. My cousin's weight was 113 kgs on that day and mine was 99; today we weigh 84 kgs and 75 kgs respectively.

Some History...

I always had been overweight, right from my childhood. I was the heaviest guy in my school batch. My friends would call me Pumpkin or Santa. I never got offended when someone used to make fun of me as I had accepted the fact, 'I am Fat and that's how I will live'.

Almost, everyone in my family is overweight. I had always thought that I am inborn obese. But now, I have realized "The reason behind my Obesity was my own eating habits and not food".

From 99 to 75 kgs

My Motivation to reduce Weight...

I saw the condition of my cousin the whole day after eating five cholle-bhature, he was not able to breathe or take any medicine. That was an eye-opener for me. I got scared realizing what big a mistake I am doing by following this eating habit. I was actually abusing my body by eating so much food. It was not the food but my eating style.

1. First, I controlled my mind to reduce the quantity of food.
2. Followed by jogging and running for 90 minutes every day.
I determined myself, what so ever the circumstance is, I won't break the habit of jogging.
From summer came winter, within 6 months, I lost 12 kilos. My waistline shrunk from 42 to 36 inches. But the real test begins after I had lost the initial 12 kilos.

There is a saying "it's easy to lose the first few kilos, but the actual test of spirit is after that".

It is so true, as I could not go below 87 kgs, how much jogging or diet control I did.

Right side kid is me in 1994, I was indeed fat

Then I did this...

I stopped eating at night. I started skipping dinner. I would not eat anything after 6 in the evening until the next morning, sometimes till afternoon. I continued with this routine for 3 months. It was very difficult at starting but I kept my determination high. Sometimes I could not sleep because of hunger but never surrendered.
Within the next 3 months, I lost another 12 kilos. This time I became a superstar in my family.

Fitness is not a destination but a journey

So what was I actually doing?


Let me just brief you guys what Intermittent Fasting is?

1. It is a pattern of eating in which we do not eat anything for a few hours and then eat for the remaining time.
2. I was following a 16-8 pattern.
3. This means I can only eat for 8 hours in a day and fast for the remaining 16 hours.
4. During my fasting period, that is for 16 hours, I can drink only Black Coffee or Hot water.
5. For 8 hours, I used to eat almost everything but in moderate quantity.
6. I continued with Intermittent Fasting for 3 months and my target was to reduce one kilo in one week.

Me in 2010 and 2014 respectively; before and after my weight loss and with a better fashion sense also

Initially, it took time for my body to adapt to this eating habit. It was a challenge for the first 15 days. I tried controlling my mind not to think about food. I did watch Intermittent Fasting and Weight loss videos regularly to keep me going.

When the results started showing on the weight scale, my spirit lifted and I gained confidence in Intermittent Fasting.

Note: I will limit this blog post to my experience and won't go into the science of this eating pattern.

Earlier, I did not tell anyone how am I reducing weight. In our society, we need to eat 3 proper meals every day, and if not eaten then there is something wrong with us. Even my parents did not allow me to skip food.
For the said reason, I started Intermittent Fasting when I went to the hostel for my Post Graduation in 2011.

In my hostel, the meals were served until 8 in the evening only. If I skipped my dinner; before morning I won't get anything to eat. This was like, I am forcing my body to fast if I did not go for dinner.

My cousin, from 113 to 85 kgs. Even Greater Motivation Story than mine
(Fact: He's the same cousin who ate five Cholle-Bhature that day and it's his own Hayabusa)

Also, I inspired one of my cousins to reduce weight and he eventually lost 29 kilos. I was able to set an example for one person at least. I will keep his story for some other day.

It's been 9 years since I lost 24 kilos. In all this time I can tell you guys, it's easy to lose any amount of weight but tougher to maintain it. You have to keep programming your mind to achieve that target. I still love food but don't overeat. I still feel luscious, looking at Cholle-Bhatore, but don't eat five of them. I still practice Intermittent Fasting at times to keep a check on my weighing scale. I got a pure boost of Self-confidence and suggest everyone reading this blog post, it's never too late to think about your health and practice an improved lifestyle.

"A healthy body leads to a healthy mind"


  1. One study showed that one meal a day with the same amount of daily calories is better for weight loss and body composition than 3 meals per day. intermittent fasting


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