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"How I turned My Hobby into Passion" || Travel and Discover Yourself || Motivating all to Travel || Being Maverick

Since this is the first blog of 'My Travel Series', I want you guys to know that I have been to 5 continents at the age of 31. I simply have forgotten the counts of countries I have put my foot on.

I had never thought of travelling so much after passing out from college, but my job demanded that; to explore the untouched seas.
Travelling started with my profession; with time it became a hobby & now it is my passion.

After travelling extensively for the last 8 years, I have decided to start a blog of my own, a topic on which the internet is already flooded with.

My first selfie outside India, Singapore January 2012

Why I decided to start writing after travelling since January 2012?

I believe I have gained enough experience, knowledge & skill in travelling. I have managed to plan travel for my Holidays & Professional Trips, on my own. This blog is a way to share my lookout.

I did my first holiday outside India in August 2013 at the age of 24 but it was mostly planned by my brother. I travelled to Japan for a month to visit my elder brother, where I met with the first real challenge of travelling solo.

I will write a separate blog on 'My Japan Trip' in the future where I will share, what all difficulties we may face in a country where no person speaks our language. Japan trip did act like a catalyst & fueled me to explore beyond.


During January 2016, I started travelling seriously for my freedom from the chaos of a metropolitan city. By that time, I had saved enough money to fund, manage & book my travels. I went to Thailand for a month where I had already worked in 2015, so I had little knowledge of the place before.
I gained plenty of experience & confidence with that trip to Thailand & continued my will to see the world.

Pattaya Beach

I understood how to plan a journey without the help of anyone or a travel agent.
Booking a trip with the help of Travel Agencies is a very good option if you are short of time for planning or if you don’t like to take the load of managing things on your own. It will take off a lot of weight from your mind. Also, travel agents make your travel easier. But there are no free lunches in this world. Travel Agents could be a bit hefty in your pocket.


If you plan your trip on your own, that will give you enough flexibility, knowledge & confidence. As per my experience, it does save quite a lot of money. When I myself plan a trip, it prolongs the excitement & extends the trip even before it had actually started.
If you wish to save money, try to book a flat or live with locals. I myself had never booked a hotel on a holiday.
I am writing a blog today just because I have gained so much competence that most of my friends come to me for suggestions before going on a holiday or outside town. I have planned Personal Holidays, Business Trips, Honeymoons, short or month-long Holidays for my friends.

On top of Mt. Fuji, Japan Highest Peak

I had always mixed Food with Travel. It somewhat gives me a desire to be at that place. Food adds to the charm & pleasure of my trip. Good food is like a magnet. Before I travel to any place, I always look for the cuisine that place has to offer & shortlists the restaurants or street food that I will try. If you are also a food lover then we will have plenty to talk on.

If I get a chance to go back to South-east Asia or Nepal, food will be at the epicentre of my trip.

I love food this much

Why did I choose to travel?

1. I am covering up for my parents, since they couldn’t travel as they were too busy working, to provide me with education, bread & butter.
2. It made me grow as an individual. It changed me as a person. It taught me to be patient.
3. It encouraged me to practise a minimalist lifestyle. I don’t own a car or a bike. My closet is not flooded with overhanging outfits. I don’t even desire to buy a camera to seize the moments.


4. Traveling gave me a completely new perspective on religion. I started acknowledging cultures & traditions with an open heart.
5. I accept change adroitly. Even during a global lock-down, I kept my motivation high.
6. My thinking has changed completely in the past 8 years.
7. Travelling will teach you everything that is not taught in a classroom.


8. I have understood life is dynamic; we have to keep evolving and for that travelling is an important tool.
9. I have become more understanding of human emotions.
10. Travelling makes you street smart.
11. I have lived in a 5-star Hotel in South America; I also have lived in a Dormitory in Mumbai. It made me humble & flexible at the same time.

South Africa

12. Linking with so many people throughout the world, today I acknowledge the fact; how tiny space does us hold & how little we know. There is so much to see & offer everywhere.
13. I have learned the universal language of Smile.

All that I have written above is made possible by the confidence & knowledge I have earned along with travelling & meeting with all sets of people.


For everyone reading this blog...

I suggest you leave your comfort zone & see the world. Try new things. Set yourself free & sail with the tides. Remove your sunshades & see the world in its unmixed form. Overcome the fear of the unknown. Every place has its own story, listen to it & make your own memories.
Even if you fall, get up & motivate to travel again.

Be a traveller, not a tourist


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