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In this post, I will share my experience along with the video of my Skydiving (Tandem Jump) at Pattaya, Thailand Have you ever seen a child’s face when you toss him in the air? Have you ever seen that expression of joy and heard that laugh when he flies? He believes in  you that you are there to catch him & he simply enjoys that feeling of being a bird. This is how I felt at the age of 27 when I threw myself off a plane and felt like a child all over again. Thai Sky Adventures offers Tandem Skydives from 13000 feet and Skydiving Courses. My Story of Adrenaline Rush... I have lived a free-spirited life throughout. I always was an Individualist. Wanted to be different and never liked doing things that our parents had been asking us to do. You can somewhat call me turbulent. That Turbulent nature of mine brought me to a small district named Laem Chabang in Thailand, very close to Pattaya in the summer of 2016 for Skydiving. I came to know about Thai Sk
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Places to visit in Cape Town || My childhood dream comes true

Got only 24 or 48 hours? Here is the list of Top Places to visit in Cape Town. A City on the western part of South Africa and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. I visited Cape Town just after 4 days of my official trip to Durban. Tourist Attraction in Durban Cape Town Aerial View; Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay When I came to know that, I am going to Cape Town in September 2014, I was filled with joy. I wasted no time in Cape Town to explore the city, squeezing maximum travel into the minimum available time. The very first thing that surprised me was the weather. If it was hot and humid in Durban, Cape Town was much windy and cold, maybe because of the Atlantic ocean. Is South Africa Safe for you to travel? I found Cape Town also better maintained, compared to Durban and Richard's Bay. After two days of exploring Cape Town, I realized it has so much more to offer for a tourist. Enjoying my meal at John Dory's Restaurant with Aditya

BigRush - Jump Swing, Bungee Jump. Have you ever Jumped from the top of a Football Stadium?

Tourist Attractions in Durban, South Africa. Things to do in Durban Have you ever Bungee Jumped from the top of a Football Stadium? Come to 'BigRush - Jump Swing, Bungee Jump' at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa and experience the Adrenaline rush within your body. "It was windy and scary. I stood at the edge, thinking of Bungee Jumping. Before I could react to my thoughts, the guy pushed me from behind, I screamed and was heading down"   Moses Mabhida Stadium "I saw a white Circular building from the taxi, travelling around Durban. On coming closer, a huge Arc was sweeping across a 62,000 capacity football stadium from the roof of which, I Bungee jumped in the afternoon of 25.October.2015 right into the stadium bowl" Is South Africa Safe for You to Travel? Read here... Note: When in South Africa, you will find Money exchangers in Big cities and in Shopping Malls. Else Debit/Credit Card is accepted at all major tou

Initial days of blogging || Things to keep in mind || My Motivation

On completing one month of blogging, I am sharing the experience of 'My Initial days of blogging' and things to keep in mind for a new blogger. I started blogging with the post, 'An Attempt' and during the journey of one month, I have published 16 blog posts. Blogging is a Marathon, Not a Sprint When I was a kid, one of my teachers would always say,  "We all should write a daily diary, it is a way to introspect oneself. You will know what mistakes you did throughout the day, and should not be repeated tomorrow. Writing a diary will help to improve you in the long run." I started blogging with the same objective of maintaining a collection of the memories of my travel stories. Also, I wanted to learn something new after spending 55 days in lockdown. One Month Back... On the eve of 18th May 2020, I was just going through different OTT platforms to find something interesting to watch when a question crossed my mind, "What I did in

Tourist Attractions in Durban, South Africa || Things to do in Durban

If you are travelling and wants to know the Top Tourist attractions in Durban South Africa, you are in the right place. You will find all major things to do in Durban in this blogpost. ------------------ I have been to South Africa four times in four different years and travelled quite a bit. Today I sit to share my experience of working and travelling in South Africa. I won't beat around the bush and arrive straight to the top tourist attractions in Durban, South Africa that I have visited. The first photograph I clicked of Durban Beach Front or Golden Mile Beach in  February 2013 Advice:  Read my previous blog, "Is South Africa safe for you?" , as most of the people ask me this question. Tourist attractions in Durban and things to do... 1. uShaka Marine World The fifth-largest Aquarium in the world and a water park, offering the highest slide in Africa; located right at Golden Mile Beach, next to the entry point from where Merchant Ships enter int

Getting Robbed in South Africa || Is South Africa Safe?

Have you ever been robbed of visiting South Africa? Do you feel South Africa is safe for you to travel? "One of my friends was robbed and punched on his face outside a big shopping centre in Richard's Bay. His nose started to bleed and no one came forward to help him" South African Police Disclaimer: I am not hurting the sentiments of any community with this blogpost and completely respect South Africans and wants to promote its Tourism. Also, I am just sharing my safety tips. I have been to South Africa many times; 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. On my every visit, I discovered something new about the most developed country in Africa. All my visits were for official purposes and to take out time with my type of job is difficult. Still, I would cut down on my sleep and travel around South Africa only because I love to travel and see the world with a smile. Very First question I want to address; is South Africa safe? Vicky Antao, Tobeca a

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